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Cyan Forensics is launching Cyan Examiner, the first product from a new generation of ultra-fast digital forensics tools, at Forensics Expo Europe 2017 (London Olympia, 3-4 May)


Searching seized computers is a slow process, consuming valuable man-hours, delaying availability of evidence, and causing backlogs in many digital forensics labs.  This leads to risks that suspects released or bailed before evidence is ready will go on to commit further offences, abscond, or die from suicide.


Cyan Forensics is building a new generation of tools that can scan devices in minutes. As well as dramatically accelerating processing, these tools are fast enough to use for triage on-site or prioritisation in the lab, helping to reduce risks by informing decision making. 


Cyan Examiner helps investigators find known illegal content, such as illegal images of children or terrorist handbooks, on computers and storage devices.  It is easy to use, delivers results around 20 times faster than conventional tools, and will also find remnants of partial and deleted files if they are still present in unallocated space.  These capabilities improve significantly on current tools using MD5 hash sets to search for illegal content, which can't find partial or deleted files and which take many hours, or even days, to deliver results.  


Cyan Forensics is exhibiting on stand 1-C46 (in the Digital Forensics zone) at Forensics Expo Europe at London Olympia on 3rd and 4th May, and will be demonstrating Cyan Examiner.  CEO Ian Stevenson will be speaking in the Seminar Theatre at 11:50 on 4th, where the product will be officially launched.


Cyan Examiner will be generally available, along with a special evaluation kit, from mid May.


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